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Our Company

JBryan Consulting & Co. was Conceptualized on March 23rd, 2001 just about a week before the beginning of the 3rd Nigerian States and Local Government Trade Fair (NIGERSTALG) for Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) began in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nigeria.

After a meeting with our Local and International Partners, the Company was formed. Some of our local partners include:
  1. Fact Finder Magazine
  2. Neilson Marcus
  3. Edmund Consulting
  4. NigeriaNet (ISP)
  5. Delsoft Limited
  6. Sun News Papers Limited
Maintaining a focused team of information technology (IT) and e-commerce professionals, we have the breath of knowledge required to support, administer and manage complex businesses and IT Security systems, that can be very expensive and time consuming and a serious business risk to the organization, if not carried out correctly.

Everywhere you look in the press, on the television, on the radio, at seminars and exhibitions, everyone is telling us that the latest business tool is e-commerce and telling us of the benefits that e-commerce can bring.

Many organizations today, have neither deployed nor are planning to deploy an e-business initiative that will be specific to their business and market expectations. JBryan Consulting can alleviate these pressures and assist in managing the ever-increasing IT budget.

We are at the cutting edge of technology driven solutions that address the latest security issue in todays e-commerce market place. Our team combines both technical and graphical skills. We will put the right person or team of people on your project to deliver a solution that reflects your company's identity and deliver all the functionality you require. Your information is translated into internet understandable codes, which then becomes your web page(s).

Jbryan Consulting & Co